Social Media Strategy for a Small Business –

Posted on April 25, 2010


Just as the Web allows small businesses to have a big online presence, social media gives small businesses a chance to stand out. Many small business executives are moving quickly to take advantage of the opportunity.

When you and your customers know how to find each other, it’s time to join the conversation. But keep in mind that interacting through social media is an informal process. Leave the formal business communication to press releases and marketing emails.

If you have a lot to say, and you believe your customers might want to hear it, consider setting up a Twitter account. Twitter communications, called tweets, are short messages, fewer than 140 characters in length, that you broadcast to other Twitter users who have chosen to receive your messages. “Tweets need to be entertaining as well as informative,” said Blount. “It’s OK to tweet about products and services, but keep the messages interesting and don’t over-tweet.”

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